Special Guests


Steve McNiven

He has been working at Marvel comics for almost all of his professional career , drawing a wide range of characters including Spider-man, Wolverine and the Avengers. He has collaborated with some of the best writers in the business, from Brian Bendis on Guardians of the Galaxy, Ed Brubaker on Captain America and Warren Ellis on Ultimate Secret, to Mark Millar on Civil War and Old Man Logan. Steve will be our guest at the second annual East Coast Comics Expo on Saturday May 17, 2014. Having just finished his run on Uncanny Avengers with Rick Remender, Steve is about to dive into another exciting marvel project coming out later in the year.


Sandy Carruthers

Born in Halifax, NS, Sandy is currently living in PEI. He did work for Malibu Graphics illustrating titles like Alien Nation and Men in Black. He worked on Captain Canuck for Comely Comics, and created the (now defunct) Canadiana webcomic. Sandy also illustrated graphic novels for Lerner Publishing for their Graphic Universe and Twisted Journeys series and is currently drawing SPOOKMAN for The Charlton Arrow.


Gisele Lagace

Born in Northern New Brunswick, she has been making comics for over a decade and is mostly known for her popular webcomics, such as Ménage à 3, Eerie Cuties, Sticky Dilly Buns, Penny and Aggie, and Cool Cat Studio. When not working on her own projects, she pencils for Archie comics doing interiors and covers. One of her most well known issue is Archie #636, where everyone in Riverdale reverses gender. Gisele is also co-founder of Pixie Trix Comix.


Ty Templeton

Ty Templeton has been creating comics for more than twenty-five years, working on Batman, Superman, the Avengers, the Justice League, Howard the Duck, Mad Magazine, Star Trek and more. Currently, he is working on issues of Batman 66 for DC Comics. Ty also teaches script writing and illustration at Ty Templeton's Comic Book Bootcamp, a school for comic book creators in Toronto, where he lives with his wife Keiren, four children, and three cats. Ty draws a weekly webcomic, BUN TOONS, which can be found at www.tytempleton.com


Keiren Smith

As the wife of a comics creator, Keiren Smith spent years dealing with the business end of making comics. Her reward was even more work as she took on lettering/colouring duties for the husband.

Turns out she was a natural. She has worked on comics as diverse as the critically-acclaimed Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, American Splendor, Big Max, Heroes of the North, The Northern Guard and more. These days she runs Ty Templeton's Comic Book Bootcamp and organises events for the Toronto comic book community.


Kate Leth

She is a comic artist and illustrator who has been posting her comics online since late 2010. Mostly known as a webcomic artist, although Kate has been published in a few anthologies and occasionally sells prints of her mini-comics. She works at the comic shop "Strange Adventures" in Halifax, Canada. Her website is kateordiecomics.com, and her Tumblr blog is kateordie.tumblr.com. Kate Leth drew a backup comic about Lumpy Space Princess for one issue of Marceline and the Scream Queens. She also created the genderbent versions of the Earl of Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 - Lady Lemongrabs - and designed a few Female Lemon Children, for her backup story Sour Candy in issue 3 of the Fionna and Cake comics. Leth drew incentive covers for Marceline and the Scream Queens, Fionna and CakeAdventure Time andBravest Warriors


Marco Rudy

Originally from Mozambique, Marco Rudy moved to Brazil and broke into comics by networking through his Deviant Art page. He eventually collaborated with Howard Wong & Jim Valentino on Image Comics After The Cape. From there he did some ink work for BOOM! on the covers of Zombie Tales and Cthulhu Tales. He eventually landed at DC with Final Crisis: Escape & Final Crisis: Resist, and later on working on other DC titles such as Action Comics, The Shield, Superboy, Supergirl, and Superman/Batman. Until recently, Marco was one of the two main artists on DC’s New 52 series Swamp Thing with Yanick Paquette and Scott Snyder. His latest project, Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, in which Spidey faces-off against 99 of his Spider-foes, began in October 2013.



Featured Guests


Brenda Hickey

Brenda was born and raised in PEI. By 3rd grade she’d decided that she would like to pursue a career in the arts. Once Brenda graduated from high school, she enrolled in the graphic design program at Holland College to further develop her skills. Afterwards, she was taken in by Trapeze animation/Mugisha Ent., and created web graphics and background illustration for animation. On the side, she continued her personal comic, “In the Air,” which was collected into a self published graphic novel in 2011. Her most recent comics projects include IDW’s “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,” issues #13 & #14, as well as the Applejack Mirco. She is also working on another creator owned graphic novel titled “Tatian in Halls of the Turnip King.”


Troy Little

Two time Eisner nominee and Xeric recipient, Troy began a career in animation after graduating from the Interpretive Illustration course at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada. In 2000 he began self-publishing his comic series Chiaroscuro which garnered him both a Xeric and PEICA grant and was eventually collected by IDW Publishing and published in 2007.

His second book, Angora Napkin was published in 2009 with IDW and was nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award (Best Publications for Teens) in 2010. Angora Napkin was also developed as an animated pilot for Teletoon, Canada and was broadcast Halloween night in 2010.

Angora Napkin: The Golden McGuffin, the weekly web serial was launched in 2012.

Angora Napkin: Harvest of Revenge was published by IDW in 2013 and nominated for an Eisner as well (Best Lettering).

In 2013 Troy took on The Powerpuff Girls re-launch as the main series writer/artist and occasional colourist/letterer.

Troy lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island with his twin daughters Alicen, Hayden and his new son Nathan. He is married to comic artist Brenda Hickey (My Little Pony).


Conor McCreery

Conor McCreery is the co-founder of Kill Shakespeare Entertainment. Prior to his fascination with Bardicide, Conor worked as an equities researcher, toiled away in the film and T.V. industries, and worked as a print and television journalist on three continents covering everything from the NBA, to stock-market apocalypses, with a little dash of celebrity gossip for (questionable) taste. His work has been featured in The Globe and Mail, The Grid, WIRED.com and Globeinvestor.com. Conor was also one of the featured writers for Living with Shakespeare, edited by Susannah Carson and published by Yale University Press. He lives in Toronto with his wife Crystal and their daughter Peregrine.


Robert Maillet

He appeared in the 2007 film 300, an adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name where he played the Über-Immortal, a savage berserker who was part of the enemy's imperial guard.

Maillet has appeared in many other films and TV shows such as The Big Bang, Monster Brawl, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Pacific Rim. He will appear in the 2014 film Hercules: The Thracian Wars and the TV series The Strain (2014)



Artist Alley

Here are a few artist that will be in attendance with sample work.

Andre Myette

Sebastien Roy

Andrew Robson

Paladin Freelance


An Oddity or Two

Kirsten Stackhouse

H & J

Cara K Russell


André Myette is a Canadian born and raised graphic designer, independent artist and writer. His first published work is 'Humbug!' a graphic novel about the further adventures of Ebeneezer Scrooge in a steam-punk inspired London it was followed by 'Horseshoes& Hand Grenades' a black and white series of self contained stories. André currently resides in Truro, Nova Scotia with his girlfriend Jennifer, and two cats Presley & Klaatu.